Contract manufacturing services

Contract manufacturing services

Our technical prowess undergirds clients’ trust in us
We act as a partner to pharmaceutical manufacturers

Contract manufacturing services for natural products

From raw materials procurement on through to pharmaceutical filings,
we offer consistent support

Not only can we process raw materials provided by the client, but we are also equipped to optimize protocols, from procurement to production, as well as comply with the Commercial Code and pharmaceutical filings to the authorities. We draw on our long years of expertise and knowledge to provide you with the optimal proposal for your needs. Furthermore, our products are used not only in the domain of pharmaceuticals, but also in food additives, cosmetics, and more, and we continue to expand our scope of coverage. We are also equipped to offer waste treatment and processing.


Contract manufacturing services for synthetic products

From new drug development to scaled-up production,
we support drug discovery firms

We are equipped to widely support development of new pharmaceuticals, from APIs for a clinical trial to commercial production. We have garnered acclaim as the best partner of drug discovery firms. In addition, we have an established track record of excellence in contract manufacturing of highly potent substances like anticancer agents and steroids. We offer seamlessly support, from initial process development on through to scaling up, allowing you to achieve a POC with alacrity.
In addition, we also have a wide body of expertise in contract manufacturing for general synthetic APIs and APIs for veterinary drugs.


Contract manufacturing APIs for a clinical trial

Main production equipment

Type Features Monthly yield
Natural manufacture Botanical viscous extracts Our proprietary horizontal extractor allows for
efficient essence extraction
Botanical powders Frozen pulverization + airflow sterilization offered 20ton
Kampo extracts Proprietary extraction and filtration technologies allow for
stably producing high-quality products
Health food ingredients
(powdered form)
Large-scale spray dryer used to dry in powdered form 20ton
Health food ingredients
Using ethanol and
a column enabled the required manufacture
Synthesis Synthetic multipurpose
manufacturing plants
We are equipped to manufacture a wide range of
products using our vast suite of equipment
highly potent substances Hazard compliance
Multipurpose production plant
Manufacture of OEL4-5 preclinical and clinical drugs ~10kg
(corticosteriod hormone)
  • - Plant dedicated to production of steroid hormones
  • - Fine particle production using jet mills and spray dryers
OEB Management Reaction capacity Pulverization
Hazard lab
(R&D group at Main Plant)
~4 GLP ~6L -
Hazard kilolab
(Kamino Plant)
~5 GMP 50~500L Jet mill
Hazard pilot
(Kamino Plant)
~4 GMP 200~1,500L Pin mill
Dedicated steroid plant
(Kamino Plant)
~5 GMP 100~1,000L Jet mill/Pin mill