Quality assurance team

Quality assurance team

Our product quality is undergirded
by each and every one of our technicians

We welcome inspections from around the globe
and offer global regulatory compliance

Thus far, we have been subject to inspections from the authorities in Europe, the United States, Korea, and many other countries around the world, and have cleared all of these, notably the FDA’s standards, which are considered to be quite stringent. In the field of pharmaceuticals alone, we are subject on a rolling basis to audits from 250 manufacturing firms in Japan, and a combined 300 if we include all firms globally, with 50+ audits annually.


Robust equipment and facilities
allow for advanced analysis

We use standardized procedures to ensure quality assurance from raw materials on through to production, using properly maintained and calibrated scientific and chemical test apparatus and physical evaluation equipment. We also support microbial testing and testing of residual organic chloride pesticides, and have a large selection of analytical equipment that lets us offer a testing regime that encompasses both the soft and hard sides of testing.


Proven performance with audit compliance, including FDA

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