Environmental initiatives

By improving the manufacture procedure of our products,
we are reducing environmental threating chemicals,
and we cultivate crops in-house to help prevent depletion of resources. In this way,
we are making ongoing efforts to improve the environment and prevent pollution.

Alps Pharmaceutical Ind. Co.,Ltd. 
Environmental policy

  1. As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, Alps Pharmaceutical employs the most advanced solutions to produce high-quality products, pursuing due care of the environment in an ongoing fashion while meeting our customers’ needs.
  2. We promise full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and with other requirements that we have agreed to uphold.
  3. We voluntarily pursue a range of activities in order to help protect the environment.
  4. We pursue greater productivity in our work while reducing the generation of waste, with ongoing recycling, reduced consumption of resources, and reduced use of power.
  5. We perform environmental risk assessments to apprehend the possible risks and plan, implement, and improve upon our environmental management initiatives continuously. Our environmental risk management system allows us to pursue activities that have a minimal environmental risk.
  6. Seeking to protect biodiversity and the ecosystem, we voluntarily engage in a range of initiatives on an ongoing basis.
  7. Through dialogue with the local community, we properly disclose environmental information and foster communication with society.
  8. We will ensure workplace safety and health and promote a comfortable work environment for our employees.
  9. Our environmental policy is widely disseminated to all employees and partner firms, as well as outside the company.

Alps Pharmaceutical Ind. Co.,Ltd. 
Osamu Ushimaru


Our firm primarily manufacturers pharmaceuticals, the production of which involves the consumption of energy and resources, and the generation of waste and emissions. We are cognizant of this fact and work company-wide to promote risk improvement activities and reduce our environmental impact.


FY 2018 Environmental activities

Type Main FY 2018 outcomes
  • Improvements to extraction methods, raw materials selection, equipment, and workflow allowed for driving efficiency for 15 products
  • Shifted from sourcing coolant water from rivers to cooling towers (reduced reliance on local water resources)
Chemical substance management
  • Reduction of methanol consumption by updating filler in rectifying columns
  • Improved inspection measures of drainage pits and implemented cleaning and internal inspection of pits by specialists
Accident emergency response
  • Disaster training and leakage training simulating disasters and accidents
  • Performing emergency response training with self-defense fire brigade
Environmental risk assessment
  • Reducing environmental risks like odors and leakage, and continuously reviewing environmental risks
  • Considering and implementing measures to reduce odors produced at plants
  • Development of Kamino Plant and gutter improvements (landscape preservation, reduced environmental risk, protection of ecosystem)
Waste management
  • Normalizing waste disposal and promoting recycling

Resource depletion countermeasures

Given that we use a high volume of botanicals in our work, we have launched a division dedicated to researching cultivation and devising ways of preventing depletion of natural resources. We also pursue in-house cultivation.

Improvement of the local environment

We changed the outer walls of our 24-hour uptime plant to reduce external noise pollution associated with machinery noise, and also installed concrete damping walls on the site for greater safety.

Environmental Activities Report

Here you will find details
on our environmental activities and initiatives.

Certificate of ISO14001:2015

We have developed an environmental management system,
with all offices having acquired ISO14001.