Privacy policy

1.Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy details the system that we have established in order to ensure the proper safeguarding and management of our customers' personal information. We have in place a set of company regulations governing the appropriate collection, use, and provision of personal information. These regulations are subject to strict compliance.

2. Collection and Use of Personal Information

All of the personal information we collect and use is used only for clearly-defined purposes, and only as necessary in order to accomplish the specified purpose. We take all appropriate measures in order to prevent the use of personal information for any other purpose.

3. Provision of Personal Information

We will not provide, disclose, or otherwise make known your personal information to any third party without your advance consent.

4. Subcontracting of Personal Information Management

For purposes such as direct mail correspondence and data processing, we may subcontract to another company the management of personal information that we have collected. When doing so, we will select a subcontractor that is able to meet our personal information security standards and enact the requisite security measures that we have established. We will properly manage and monitor the subcontractor.

5. Personal Information Security Measures

In order to protect against risks such as unauthorized access or damage to or the destruction, falsification, or unauthorized disclosure of personal information, we have implemented all appropriate security measures. In the event that it is determined that further improvements to our personal information security system are required, we will take prompt action to that effect.

6. Handling of Questions and Complaints Concerning Personal Information

We have established a support desk in order to provide the best possible response to any questions or complaints you may have regarding the management of your personal information.

7. Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Our handling of personal information is in compliance with the laws of Japan as well as all other guidelines and standards established by the government of Japan.

8. Continuous Improvement of Our Personal Information Security Management System

In order to best maintain the security of our customers' personal information, we have established a personal information security management system. We conduct regular reviews to ensure that this system is operating as intended, and endeavor continuously to improve it.

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